We each have the power to shape the world as we like - and we must use that power responsibly.
Amy Cherryclaw Prongs is one of the founding members of the original RJO, and remained in leadership positions until her retirement in 2022 following the Greenland glacier tsunami and its fallout.

History Edit

Amy was born in Finland in 1994, and in a pre-magical world lived a fairly normal childhood.

Founding of RJO Edit

When Amy was fifteen, she and a friend found a machine capable of bringing fictional characters into the real world, and being teenagers, used the machine for their amusement, not thinking of the consequences. Later the multiverse theory would confirm their later calculations, but at that time the girls did not know that bringing sci-fi heroes into their world would also cause sci-fi villains to appear and open their own world to metaphysical forces.

Eventually the girls managed to calm the situation and founded a new Jedi Temple for those that had now gained access to the Force. In May 2010, this Temple was officially classified as a private school.

Amy was quickly found to be Force-sensitive and started training in the Jedi arts.

RJO's early years (2010-2012) Edit

When a group of characters from Warrior Cats appeared, Amy turned into a nekera herself. This changed her plans of going into high school and forced her to study in evening school.

In June 2010, Amy was part of the search and rescue team that extracted Anakin Skywalker from Darth Sidious' local lair.

In January 2011, Amy was kidnapped by the so-called Holy Brotherhood of the Sith, and was held at the Brotherhood's base at Antarctica for three days, until the rest of the Jedi council, with some help from the newly imported State Alchemists.

In summer 2011, Amy single-handedly rescued half of Team Avatar from Firelord Ozai.

In February 2012, the school held its first annual dance gala, and when Zuko was kidnapped from the temple during the gala, Amy helped in his extraction and recovery. It was during this time that her firebender powers manifested, and she started to train that in addition to her magilink potential.

Second era (2013-2017) Edit

After the importation of equalists and Amon in December 2012, the Jedi Temple was bombed in March 2013. Amy and Zuko were injured in the attack and spent some time in coma, during which Amy had visions of an alternate world of Avatar. She still graduated from high school in May 2013, and soon after Amy and her friend found themselves in the world of Star Wars, where they completely changed the course of events of Revenge of the Sith.

In August 2013, the Wizards of Britain were imported, and Amy helped the young wizards adjust to their new surroundings after saving Harry Potter's life.

In late 2013, Amy's visions from spring were proven true when Aditi and Zula, the Avatar and the Firelord from that world were imported. This would later reoccur many times.

After the Hydra Invasion that brought the agents and superheroes of Marvel Cinematic Universe to life, Amy visited her hometown summer 2014 and met Bucky Barnes, the former Winter Soldier, and brought him under the RJO's wings. While Bucky recovered from his injuries, Amy led an operation to destroy the other super soldiers, and discovered that the whole plot had been set up by her former bully.

In 2015, Amy and Zuko got married, and in the following April, Amy gave birth to their daughter, Kestrel. The same day Zula gave birth to Savitri, who had been fertilized using another egg donated by Amy.

Before Amy knew she was pregnant, she visited Scotland as part of an anti-Voldemort operation and was momentarily kidnapped and tortured by Dark Wizards. She managed to escape on her own, but the torture done with magic left a mark on her and later Kestrel. This would come up later when Amy was ported to the HP universe in summer 2016 and woke up a fully trained wizard.

During 2017, Amy housed Hikari Yagami, who had come to train her abilities at the temple for part of the school year.

Calamity Years (2018-2022) Edit

In May 2018, Thanos attacked Earth and many areas of the world descended into chaos at the knowledge that Earth truly was not alone. RJO, still led by Amy, took charge of salvage operation, offering the newly-finished Lilypad Cities to everyone who needed them.

Some time later, Amy and Will Baker were transported to Sly Cooper universe for a time.

In 2021, Amy was responsible for the Order's assistance in the Digital War, and personally saved the researchers in Greenland once the ice lens destabilized and caused the glacier tsunami.

Post-War Era (2022-) Edit

After the initial post-war recovery processes had begun, Amy and Zuko found themselves in Star Wars once again, this time in the times of Galactic Civil War.

Mirrorport Edit

Main article: Forged Family

In early fall 2028, Amy experienced a massive sub-merger, receiving the memories of two alternate Amys from the same universe. One of these was a mundane with no skills, but the other one was another seasoned multiverse traveler like the real Amy, but had visited more worlds (eg. TMNT, LoK) and spent a very long time in the world of Uncharted, running into SC, TFP, MCU and Digimon in the meantime.

Main article: Blossoming Marble

This 'Mirror' Amy had also lived in the world of Arda after her death, assisting Thorin Oakenshield in her quest to reclaim Erebor. 'Primary' Amy would later turn this into a memoir.

After this merger, Amy received a distress signal from the original temple and rescued Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, and Cassie Drake from the ruins. Later same year, Detective Sergeant Morse and his colleagues would also appear in the Order.

The Mirrorport incident affected Amy so much that she had to file a divorce. She and Kestrel would move in with Zula, Aditi and Savitri some time later.

When Princess Sara appeared on Earth, Amy's daughters took her in, and Amy officially fostered her once Sara had regained human form.

Physical Appearance Edit

Amy is a nekera, and her skin is covered in tabby tortoiseshell and white fur. She's fairly tall, and has black hair and yellow eyes. She bears many scars from variours conflicts, most notable being the slash marks on her face, caused by Hawkfrost during Amy's captivity at Antarctica.

Her Barrier Jacket's main form changed during the years:

  • Early form: Light blue 3/4-sleeved tunic with black collar, pale blue short jacket with puffy sleeves, pale blue kama, dark blue leggings, dark gray boots and dark gray fingerless gloves.
  • Later form: Black undershirt, dark gray knee-length pleated skirt, dark blue vest, pale blue kama, dark blue long sleeveless gloves with pale blue plastoid gauntlets, pale blue short jacket with puffed sleeves, dark grey tights and metal boots.

In addition to the two main forms, Amy had multiple different forms that worked both as power-ups for combat situations and as easy wardrobe changes.

  • "Dragon Killer": Worn by mirror-Amy in Blossoming Marble. A white long skirt, dark grey tunic, chainmaille shirt, steel breastplate, black tabard, metal gauntlets, metal boots and greaves.

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Amy was a master of many complex powersets, having had years of training across her multiple universe counterparts. She was a master of Form VI lightsaber combat, proficient firebender, AA-rank aerial mage, and a strong wizard capable of near-wandless magic. She was a strong healer as well, and developed firehealing with Zuko. She used two Intelligent Devices, Azuretto and Golden Tail, and had access to the magilink Tome of Golden Light.

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Etymology Edit

Emily: From latin aemilius 'rival' via German.

Amy: From French Amée 'beloved'

Prongs: 'river fork'

Cherryclaw: a warrior name meaning 'tortoishell, notably good in battle'

Spica: Brightest star in the Virgo constellation.

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  • Amy is directly based on the author of the RJO series, ameliette, down to birthday, education, and some physical details.

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