Carla Fierro is one of the main characters of Pretty Cure Safe Harbor. She is a 14-year-old girl starting high school at the Infinitas Academy.

History Edit

Carla was born in Houston, Texas in 2016 to Catalina and Flavio Fierro. She has two siblings: Nina Fierro, born two years earlier, and Nico Fierro, born two years after Carla.

In November 2021, Carla and her family were evacuated in the aftermath of the Greenland glacier tsunami, but her father perished in a later search & rescue operation.

On the day before the 2031 school year began, Carla witnessed unusual shooting stars in the sky that seemed to land near the Lotuspad. The following day, Carla and Kestrel Prongs were attacked by an Embered summoned by Shula, and Carla learned she had been given the power to turn into a Pretty Cure warrior. She transformed into Cure Ring and with her new powers destroyed the Embered before it could cause more damage. Afterwards, Kestrel revealed to her that Shula was after Sara, a princess from the same world as Shula, who had been sent to Earth as an otter, and that Sara had been tasked by her mother to find five Cures and the Great White to save their kingdom from the invading King of Fire.

Physical Appearance Edit

Carla has black hair that she keep dyed red, and light brown eyes. Her hair reaches roughly mid-back, and she usually wears it on a low ponytail hanging over her shoulder.

Her school uniform is a short-sleeved white blouse under a grey-blue plaid pinafore dress that reached mid-thigh, worn with dark gray calf-length leggings. She also wears rollerblading protective equipment, and her shoes have detachable rollerblades.

Cure Ring Edit

"Splashing through the waves with untameable passion! Cure Ring!"
As Cure Ring, Carla's eyes and hair turn light pink. Her hair grows in length to almost reach the floor even on a high ponytail tied off with a pale pink bow with a pink heart.

Her cure outfit has a dark grey vest with dark red piping on the edges, closed by a pale pink panel. The vest has flowing short pale pink sleeves and a pink square sailor collar with a dark pink edge, and under the collar is a dark red scarf, tied with a silver-and-pink heart-shaped brooch.

Her skirt is pink, and has two large box pleats at front and back, and a white petticoat. She has dark red leggings and pale pink boots with dark pink edges.

She also has pale pink ark warmers from elbows to knuckles and a pink ribbon choker.

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Carla was a Mundane, and had no access to any of the many magic powers surrounding the Order. Even after becoming a Cure, she didn't have any other special powers when untransformed. She was, however, very athletic.

As Cure Ring, Carla was stronger, faster, and more powerful than a regular mundane human, and had access to magic that could form shields or freeform energy attacks.

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Nina Fierro Edit

Carla's relationship to her older sister was typical, as sisters go. Nina was a sailor senshi, and Carla used to wish she had similar powers, but also was thankful she couldn't be called to patrol during the night.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

In the original version of Safeharbor, 'NobleHearts', Carla was the youngest of five siblings, and would transform to Cure Eclair. She would've been younger than the rest of the team, and originally the midseason plot of someone being hurt enough to be sent to the hospital belonged to her. Nina, her oldest sister, would have been irate at the other Cures for letting her baby sister get hurt. The two-episode arc would have ended with her power-up attack's introduction.

Etymology Edit

Carla: Spanish feminine form of Carlos, ultimately from germanic Karl 'man' or 'army, warrior'[1]

Fierro: Spanish variant of Ferro, meaning "iron", ultimately from Latin ferrum.

Cure Ring: From Ringed Seal.

Trivia Edit

  • Carla shares her Finnish voice actor with Emily/Glitter Lucky (Miyuki/Cure Happy).
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries, which is a fire sign, matching her fire powers.

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