Manami Yukimura is one of the main characters of Pretty Cure Safe Harbor. She is a 14-year-old girl starting high school at the Infinitas Academy.

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Manami has light skin, black hair that is dyed platinum blonde, and dark brown eyes. She usually wears blue contacts.

She wears her school uniform with a short knife-pleated skirt, a half-buttoned blouse with the sleeves rolled up, white thigh-high socks, and penny loafers.

Cure Spinner Edit

As Cure Spinner, Manami's eyes turn light blue, and her hair gathers on long light blue twintails tied with pale blue ribbons, one of which has a blue heart.

Her cure outfit has a short dark grey vest with dark blue piping on the edges, closed by a pale blue panel. The vest has pale blue off-the-shoulder sleeves and a blue square sailor collar with a dark blue edge, and under the collar is a dark blue scarf, tied with a silver-and-blue heart-shaped brooch.

She has a blue skirt with a white petticoat and a belt in matching color with the vest, and dark blue thigh-high socks and pale blue ballerinas with dark blue edges.

She also has pale blue ark warmers from elbows to wrists and a blue ribbon choker.

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Cure Spinner: From Spinner Dolphin

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  • Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, a water sign, matching her ice powers