Pretty Cure Safe⚓Harbor is ameliette's first Precure fanseries. It has a theme of elements, mostly water and ocean. It is slated for 24 episodes, a movie and some extra chapters. It also has a TVTropes page.

Synopsis Edit

In the Land of Elements, the recently crowned King of Fire of Solaris has attacked the Marine Kingdom's castle, killing the king and the two princes. With her bodyguards brainwashed and hostile, Queen Meera sends her daughter Sara to the Land of Aether to recruit the legendary Pretty Cure warriors, in hopes they will find the Great White, destined to defeat the King of Fire.

Sara arrives on Earth and runs into a highschooler named Kestrel Prongs, who lives on a giant floating city called Lotuspad. Then the Embereds arrive, and the Pretty Cures must be found before the monsters destroy the remnants of the human society!

Characters Edit

Pretty Cures Edit

  • Carla Fierro / Cure Ring: Carla was born in Mexico, but her family moved to the Lotuspad when she was five. She has two siblings, Nina and Nico, and their mom is a nurse. Carla is a bit of a tomboy despite her pink girly appearance, and enjoys many sports. This was also how she befriended Nuru in first grade. Carla isn't very good in school, but still manages to scrape passing grades year after year. Her Cure identity is Cure Ring, and she represents the ringed seal of Atlantic Ocean, and her attacks have a fire theme.
  • Manami Yukimura / Cure Spinner: Manami is an only child of a Japanese couple living on one of the other floating cities. Her parents wanted her to have the best education possible, so she's been on Infinitas Academica's transfer student waiting list longer than she's been in school. She finally got in for her first high school year, and she shares an apartment with Tahira and Nuru. Manami is very intelligent, and is always reading the material ahead of time, which makes her seem like she has no other interests. Outside of school, she's very passionate about arts and fashion. Her Cure identity, Cure Spinner, represents the spinner dolphin and the Pacific Ocean, and her attacks are ice and snow themed.
  • Tahira Malik / Cure Caretta: Tahira is also a transfer student, but from a different city than Manami. Her Pakistani family consists of herself, her parents and her younger sister. In Infi, she is in the same class as Bella, and shares an apartment with Manami and Nuru. Tahira likes to spend her off hours either in the library or in the sports courts. She is also a very good cook. As Cure Caretta, she represents the Indian Ocean and is named after the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta Caretta). Her attacks are earth-themed.
  • Alice Blanchett / Cure Polar: Alice is the younger sister in a French-Canadian family of four. Her mom Liliane is french, and her dad Adrian is from Canada, and she has a older brother Duane. The family runs a popular cafe near the school, and their home is upstairs of the cafe. Alice has known Bella since they were little, and has usually been in the same class, but this year they ended up in different groups. She might not be a very good cook, but she appreciates any good food and is always in search of the ultimate snack. She transforms into Cure Polar, in which form she represents the polar bear and the Arctic Sea, and has air-themed attacks.
  • Nuru Wright / Cure Emperor: Nuru is an orphan from southern Africa. Her parents were lost during the 2020-23 war, so she has lived almost all her life in the dorms and has seen many types of people as her flatmates. She's sporty and a bit of a neat freak, and usually carries some basic first aid things to fix minor sports injuries. Nuru loves helping people out, so she often has new transfer students as her flatmates. She is also usually the one to organize street sport matches during school holidays. Nuru's Cure alter ego, Cure Emperor, represents the southern ocean, and is named after the emperor penguin. Her attacks are light-based.

Land of Elements Edit

Marine Kingdom Edit

  • Sara: A 12-year-old princess of the Marine Kingdom and the heir to the throne. She was sent to Earth by her mother when the castle fell, but was turned into a small otter in the process. She misses her mom, and is haunted by the memories of her dead family members and mom, who was turned into crystal in front of her eyes just before she escaped the castle.
  • Meera: Queen Regent of Marine Kingdom. Her bodygyards' betrayal took her by surprise and she was wounded in the initial attack that killed her husband Mannu and two sons, Roshan and Vasu. She attempted to send a distress call to awaken the Pretty Cure warriors, but she was interrupted bu Shula. When she learned her daughter Sara had survived the initial attack, she chose to send Sara to Earth to search for the Pretty Cure, and sacrifice herself to shield her. She is currently frozen in a block of crystal, still in the throne room.

Solaris Edit

  • King of Fire: A mysterious new ruler of Solaris, who never shows his face, but appears to be a hunchbacked old man.
  • Shula, Tala, Alya: Queen Meera's former bodyguards, who were brainwashed by King of Fire. Each of them is a noblewoman hailing from a different nation: Shula is from Solaris, Tala from Terrarum, and Alya from Caelum. While they were in the Marine Castle, Shula was a swordswoman and the Queen's personal bodyguards, as well as in charge of the castle's inner security forces; Tala was an archer and in charge of the outer defences; and Alya was more of an spiritual advisor. After they were brainwashed, all three chose different strategies to deal with the Pretty Cure. Shula faces them head-on, Tala is more sneaky, and Alya often creates more complex magical traps.
  • Embereds: Monsters of the Week. In default state they appear as black elastic spheres that expand and distort the environment when agitated. When thrown on an object, the sphere is absorbed into the object, which is then tranformed into an ember-structured gold-limbed monster in the shape of the source item, with eyes in the color of the person who created them.

Other Characters Edit

  • Kestrel Prongs
  • Duane Blanchett: Alice's older brother, who's in 10th year. He helps their parents in the cafe more than Alice.

Items Edit

  • CureClip: The cures' transformation item, which appears as a silver bobby pin with an extra layer over the smooth side, with a heart at the front end, in each Cure's main color, with silver edge. The heart has a silver raised anchor and the letters PC carved into it in each Cure's secondary color.

To transform, the girls tap S-O-S (three short taps, three long ones, thee short ones) on the clip and yell: “CureClip, Transmit!”

Locations Edit

Land of Aether Edit

Also known as Earth, this green and blue orb floating in space has endured some extreme violence in the last decade.

Lotuspad Edit

A giant city-ship floating on the Atlantic. It houses some 500 000 people, most of whom are evacuees from areas destroyed after the war in 2020. The rest of the citizens are former students and administration, who simply migrated from the old temple in Helsinki once the Lotuspad was built. There are four smaller cities around the world, too. Each city has three towers of different heights around a circular lagoon, with forests covering the roofs of the towers.

  • Infinitas Academica: The school which all the kids on Lotuspad go to. It covers years 1-12 and any additional years a student takes. It has a very general school uniform rule, the only required parts being a white button-up top and plaid gray bottom. This leads to a very varied look throughout the school, as every student wears their uniform as they please.
  • Blanchett Treats & Drinks: A well-known all-purpose cafe owned by Alice's parents, famous for their sandwiches and cheesecakes. Alice and her brother Duane help there a lot in their spare time.

Land of Elements Edit

Sara's home world, where people live in four nations: Marine Kingdom, Solaris, Terrarum and Caelum. Each nation's court has noblemen and -women from other nations serving in various duties.

  • Marina Castle / Marine Kingdom:Marina Castle is a large, airy fairytale castle made of sky-blue marble, making up almost the whole of the biggest island in Marine Kingdom. It has large gardens around it, and sturdy walls around the gardens with defence towers. The gardens also have the training courts, and hide multiple secret passages, one of which connect the garden's lake to the sea. There's a harbor connected to the walls, so there's no need to go to the city to go sailing.The kindom is set on islands nearby a large continent ruled by Terrarum, and the two nations have close ties.
  • Solaris: Solaris' castle is a light and spacious, but twisted palace somewhere high in the mountains. The new king has decorated it with gold and red, and slowly started charring the palace, making it blacker as he goes around. Once the new king rose to power, the other nation's citizens were abolished from Solaris' court, but the other nations didn't respond in kind, so it remains to be seen how the last two nations will react to Marine's fall.

Music Edit

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Episodes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Lotuspad and the other cities are based on the Lilypad by Vincent Callebaut.
  • PCSH is set in a crossover universe, and further info and very crossover-y character profiles will be found on ameliette's LiveJournal at some point prior to the premiere.
  • Due to authors rather shallow reference pool, most of the Finnish voices have worked on Avatar, Digimon or both.
  • PCSH is one of the (hopefully) few fanseries where the monsters can cause collateral damage and purifying it does not fix the damage caused.
  • In its earliest incarnation, PCSH was called "Noble♥Hearts" and had a sweets/7 virtues theme, with two extra Cures to fill the rainbow: Mackenzie Snyder and Anna Solberg. You can find more about them on deviantART.

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